Digital Photography

Images of your products, either on your website or marketing collateral, will tell the 1000 word story about the products you sell as well as the philosophy of your company. Fall short with lighting and image quality and your audience will immediately know. Stand apart from your competition, let us make your products shine.

Weston Graphics and our photography experts at Impress give your products the full “star” treatment in the Impress 3,000-square-foot, full-service photography studio. The Impress photographers are not only talented, but are experts in lighting, set designing, and product styling. They work closely to capture stunning shots that make your products stand out.

Photoshoots are performed almost exclusively using the Hasselblad digital camera system. The result: superior image resolution and a highly efficient workflow that allows us to capture, edit and enhance images seamlessly. Our digital workflow allows clients to see their products come to life on screen, in real time.



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