Company Logos

Weston Graphics Inc. is a full-service design and media agency, offering the best combination of graphic design, web design, logo development, marketing, commercial printing and product fulfillment services in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

Through our integrated approach, we cover every base to deliver memorable messages through striking visuals and powerful words. With 20-plus years in business, we bring together the skills and know-how to create the perfect solution for any corporation, small business or individual. We have an experienced staff that can create the perfect web design or graphic design to fit your needs.

Your brand is our baby, and we pride ourselves on taking excellent care of it. We aim to forge long-term relationships with our clients, building on trust, communication, and a relentless dedication to serving you and your mission.

A very important aspect of branding centers on logos. They are an extension of your brand. If you are a startup company, you do not have the funds or timelines to invest in expensive logo design. Yet, you want your logos to ensure more brand recall amongst your customers, widespread reach and effective communication. In addition, they should be applicable across web and print media. This is where our logo design services at can help you.

How we are different:

Our transparent communication methodologies ensure that you are always in the loop. Whether it is about discussing new ideas or changing an element in a draft, we ensure you are kept informed.

You want your logos to be exactly the way you want. Yet, you want to avoid time-consuming meetings. Our business model fits right in! We leverage online communication through chat, email and other modes to expedite the initial rounds of discussion. This helps us get to the drafting stage quicker, resulting in quicker turnarounds.

Multiple designers: Unlike other logo design professionals, who assign only one designer for an assignment, we assign you multiple designers. This facilitates more fresh ideas and innovative concepts and translates into a superior product.

Our packaged services ensure that you know what to anticipate from the money you have invested. We have numerous services encompassed in our Company logospackage. You can select any one of your choice and thus budget your expenses accordingly. However, our packaged services do not imply any compromise on originality and creative thinking. You will find the same level of innovation at work as you would have with any high-end logos design company.


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