Printing 101 | Screen Tints, What are they?

Screen Tints:  Let us assume that your art layout requires an area of a color lighter than that of your type copy. You have at least two options. One would be to add another color but the cost might be prohibitive. The other would be a screen tint of the same color as type copy but the screen, available in almost any percentage of 100% of color (or black), appears as a lighter/different color to the naked eye.

Screen tints are composed of small dots, as many as 75-300 or more dots per inch. Percentages are achieved by varying the size of the dot. Large type copy may also be screened back to produce a lighter color. Screen tints are supplied in negative form, off the shelf, in various percentages of 100% color or black. In many cases, they will be double exposed on the plate in order to get 100% copy to appear tinted lighter or printing over the screen.

About the Author: Don Weston Started working in the printing industry over 50 years ago and remains the mentor of the owner of Weston Graphics, Inc.
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