Printing 101 | Glossary of Printing Terms (A to B)

Ever wonder what the term “butt” means? No, No…not the thing you are sitting on! “Butt” in terms of printing you fool! Check out our on-going series by Weston SR., Don is an old school printer and will be teaching us the basics of printing from A to Z.

Here is A to B:


Accordion fold – In bindery, parallel folds, like an accordion

Alts – Change in copy prior to printing, alterations

Back up – Printing second side of sheet

Bind – To fasten sheets together

Bindery – The section in a print shop or outside source that finishes jobs

Blanket – Rubber mat on an offset press that transfers image to the paper

Bond – Paper as used in your office printers or rag bond used in stationery

Bulk packing – Boxing finished print job with no banding or wrapping

Butt – Images that that meet without overlapping

About the Author: Don Weston Started working in the printing industry over 50 years ago and remains the mentor of the owner of Weston Graphics, Inc.
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