Commercial Printing | Printing 101 What Is Lithography? (part quatre)

Types of Paper

Paper: There are several types of printing paper stock: Bond, Book, Text, and Cover. Additionally, most categories can be coated or uncoated. Let’s take them one at a time.

Bond Paper: These are the sulphite bond papers most used now in desk top printers where longevity is not generally a concern. Rag content papers are the ones usually used in letterheads and in jobs where longevity is required.

Book Paper: Paper used in publications and in situations when a heavier, longer lasting paper is needed. Book papers may be coated or uncoated. Coated papers may be a slick sheet up to extra highly coated sheets almost photo-paper quality.

Text Paper: Paper that is exactly like its name. It may have one of the many textures available impressed into the paper.

Cover Stock: Used as a cover for any type of publication or other applications where much heavier paper is required.

Paper Weight: You may have noticed that your package of paper has a weight indicated on it. All papers have their weight specified. This weight is based on a basis size standard for that type of paper. Bond paper’s standard size basis is 17”x 22” and the weight is based on one ream, 500 sheets of this size paper. So, a 20# bond, letter size 8-1/2 x 11, 500 sheets would weigh one fourth of the standard sheet weight or 5# but still be called 20# bond.


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